And now for something completely different…. This was not written by me but is extremely thought provoking.

“This is not mere speculation, nor is it conspiracy theory. Over the past two months I have gathered information from every possible online source, I have studied views and opinions from a diversity of political leanings and ideologies, I have revisited the RSA Constitution and Disaster Management Act.

I have again gone over the ANC presidential election of 2017, the machinations and implications of the outcome.

I have observed the implementation of the Act and, along with millions of others, have puzzled over the curious regulations attached thereto.

And finally, I have called upon my own lifelong observation of the ANC and their peculiar brand of Communism/ Socialism/ Africanism.

I post this in shortened form, in plain, rather than academic terms, for ease of reading, but I am prepared to expand on and debate each point.

I do not claim to be an expert.  The analysis is my own. The opinion is my own. It is an ongoing project.

You decide!”

South Africa: Coup d’ Zuma

The roots of the ANC/SACP ideology are deeply implanted in Stalinism, with a good dosage of Maoism thrown in.

Founded as an organisation to primarily secure equal rights for black South Africans, the exposure of generations of leadership to the Stalinist/Maoist ideology, along with conveniently targeted aspects of African tribal tradition, particularly the elitism of leadership, has morphed into the ANC of today.

The failure and fall of Soviet communism has been no deterrent, has brought about no change of heart. China was always ready, willing and able to take over the reins, which fits in perfectly with their expansionist policies.

Factionalism has always been part and parcel of the ANC. But so too has towing the line, once any particular faction gains ascendency. For a while.

Changing allegiance from faction to faction for personal gain is also nothing new. But it is a fine line that members must walk, for  punishments are real, and harsh. Loyalty, however, is lavishly rewarded.

Memories are very long in the ANC, and losing a factional battle does not mean that the fight is over. Over one hundred years of scheming, plotting and backstabbing have been ingrained into the institutional memory.

Ramaphosa beat Dlamini Zuma by the narrowest of margins in December 17. This inevitably created a situation where promises had to be kept, compromises made, pay offs honoured.

The curious situation of the NWC being in the hands of the Zuma faction and the Government in the hands of the Ramaphosa faction has, until now, effectively created a stalemate. Neither faction could fully apply their agendas, thus the stagnant two years of the Ramaphosa presidency.

But the factions of the ANC do not sleep. Scheming and plotting continue. Never make the mistake of thinking the factional leadership are stupid. They are, in fact, past masters at playing this game. They have to be. It’s life or death. Immense wealth and prestige versus abject poverty and ostracism. They’ll use every tool at their disposal, legal or not.

Remember too that the ANC NEC considers any member they place in any position a deployee, and may withdraw or redeploy them at any time.

South Africa is in the unique position where we are not ultimately led by a president. We have a collective presidency where the majority in cabinet rules. The president is merely the figurehead and spokesperson for the cabinet. And ultimately, South Africa is governed from Luthuli House, not the Union Buildings.

The Curious Case of Dlamini Zuma’s cabinet position.

As a narrowly defeated presidential candidate, one would have expected Dlamini Zuma to be appointed Deputy President, or at least to one of the prestige Security portfolios. Instead, she became Minister of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs.

Now bear in mind that co-operative government is covered in chapter three of the constitution, right after the Bill of Rights, underlining the importance of the cabinet post. The minister effectively has control of all three tiers of government, all provinces and all municipalities.

The Disaster Management Act states that DURING THE FULL TERM OF ANY EMERGENCY/DISASTER, THE MINISTER OF  CO-OPERATIVE  GOVERNANCE CARRIES THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY! This effectively means that during an emergency, the Minister of Cooperative Governance’s authority supercedes that of the President.

This means that South Africa is being ruled by Dlamini Zuma and thus, by the Zuma faction.

(I use the word “ruled” deliberately, because the Constitution is suspended and laws and regulations are being made by edict).

And she rules until the end of Level one!

And she determines the duration of each level;

And she decides when the disaster is officially over!

Covid 19

I am not going to claim that, because the ANC is so deeply and happily in bed with China, they were part and parcel of this worldwide blight. Time will tell if any conspiracy did take place.

I am however convinced that if Covid 19 had not reared it’s head, the Zuma faction would have engineered a “Disaster”. Any excuse would have sufficed. More than likely it would have had to do with the “Land” issue, it would have involved unrest and political instability. But the tools were there for Dlamini Zuma to take over. She and her faction were waiting for this.

She is our ipso facto President.

Lockdown regulations.

So many of the regulations seem to be totally inane. Ill  conceived. Not thought through.

From the length of time of each level to the  silly, irritating minutiae of what we may wear and eat. But knowing the way the ANC schemes, I can assure you that EVERYTHING is carefully planned, thought through, schemed and plotted. It is all very deliberate.

Every move is calculated to keep the Lockdown going for as long as possible, to keep Dlamini Zuma in charge.

Think back to the start of lockdown. The population largely bought into it. Acceptance. Compliance. Good Humour. Some grumbling, but nothing serious. Even the ban on alcohol and smoking didn’t cause much of an outcry at first, because no-one was sure of anything.

But now the lockdown and it’s regulations are starting to hurt badly. People are talking protest and civil disobedience.

And that’s exactly what the Zuma faction want.

Any reason to extend, to prolong the situation. To keep them in power.

And they have the full might of the (already heavy handed) police and military at their disposal.

The Bill of Rights in the Constitution provide for certain inalienable rights. Rights that may not be eroded:

Certainly makes for interesting reading and I welcome any comments.