We all know that Coronavirus or COVID-19 is disrupting and crippling businesses throughout the world; and, of course, the shipping industry is no exception.  Many ports have been closed completely and others are having to apply harsh vetting processes.

It is critical that we understand what’s going on and cut through the misinformation, fake news and confusion.  Southern African Shipping News is a safe haven where information may be shared, ideas can be exchanged and people can be updated on what’s happening.

So, while the turmoil ensues, all you need to do is to post comments in the section below this article (Leave a Reply).  I will monitor the comments and if there’s no fitting response to any questions in this space, I will direct the queries to the appropriate expert.


Let’s stay connected.  Let’s share experiences, information and ideas and let’s try, above all, to remain positive and to prevail throughout these extraordinary times.


  1. Thanks @SAShippingNews for the continuous news updates, especially during these trying times.

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