Joseph E Farrell, Jr., noted philanthropist and founder of Resolve Marine Group, a global conglomerate of maritime ship rescue and marine disaster response organizations, announced the formation of the Mission Resolve Foundation with the donation of the $5 Million Humanitarian and Environmental Response Vessel (HERV) LANA ROSE designed to serve as a first of its kind “Command Center” for up to thirty first responder organizations for disasters. Farrell, who will serve as Mission Resolve’s CEO, says the Foundation will be specifically dedicated to humanitarian disaster relief operations, maritime environmental response, coastal enhancement and community resiliency programs.

Farrell brings nearly forty years of managerial and maritime disaster expertise to Mission Resolve. Over his career, he’s led hundreds of vessel rescues and harbour clearance operations hindered by local governments’ inability to efficiently and effectively coordinate resource allocation during crisis situations. Non-preparedness through inexperience, logistical issues and organizational deficiencies has prevented response personnel and life-saving supplies from reaching those in need. When disaster strikes, every minute counts and could make the difference between life and death.

Mission Resolve has already attracted worldwide attention for its many critical contributions recently made to the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian by first clearing the Freeport, Bahamas channel, allowing relief vessels port access and then taking immediate action coordinating and deploying volunteers who assisted in rescue and relief operations via privately secured vessels and airplanes. Mission Resolve has continued working closely with the Bahamian Government’s National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) since Hurricane Dorian devastated the country, helping to align efforts with numerous NGOs collecting, delivering and distributing essential supplies and aid for thousands of Bahamians.

The Foundation also partnered with Mercy Corps providing Grand Bahamas’ first water treatment plant powered by reverse osmosis that has been generating 7,000 gallons of desperately needed fresh drinking water daily to thousands of Bahamians. The Lana Rose is currently being readied to be deployed at no cost to the Bahamian Government to aid relief efforts. Farrell encourages other like-minded philanthropic and corporate organizations to consider matching his donations at any level and to join him in supporting the Bahamian relief efforts. Farrell explains, just the cost to crew and operate the vessel is $10,000 a day, excluding fuel cost. In addition, Mission Resolve continues to fund the reverse osmosis (RO) water system on Grand Bahama which has a daily rate of $1,600 a day to operate, totalling $50,000 a month.

Joseph Farrell
Joseph Farrell

Mission Resolve Foundation helps to minimize the many significant challenges that communities face in times of disaster by assisting with logistical issues, identifying available resources and coordinating personnel movements as well as assisting local governments, first responders, volunteers and non-profit organizations (NGOs)-to pool resources and work together in a coordinated way. Mission Resolve acts as a facilitator for governments and NGOs providing its global experience and large-scale logistical deployment expertise to better focus their specific efforts on targeted deliverables which each respective organization specializes.

Mission Resolve’s future goal is to position numerous self-sustaining Humanitarian Environmental Response Vessels (HERVs) like the Lana Rose throughout the world. HERVs are designed and equipped to be able to promptly meet disaster response needs, serving as floating “first response” command centers. In addition to humanitarian disaster response, Mission Resolve and its future global fleet of HERVs will engage to help address critical maritime environmental initiatives, which include marine plastics cleanup, coral restoration, artificial reef restoration and deployment, coastal erosion mitigation and other pressing ocean-related needs. Mission Resolve will also foster its marine conservation support by providing extensive educational initiatives for schools, educators and communities around the world. The Foundation further fulfills Farrell’s lifelong mission to help others in-need and to protect the environment. Working together with other like-minded people and organizations, Mission Resolve will be able to help conserve the environment on a global scale.

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