Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) has suspended all diving operations within the Port of Durban and is prohibiting all angling activities due to a severe sewage discharge that poses a risk to diving personnel and marine life.

The discharge stems from the failure of pumps at the eThekwini Municipality’s Mahatma Gandhi Pump station. The municipality has taken the pumps out of commission and is currently awaiting the arrival of spare parts from overseas in order for repairs to be effected.

TNPA’s environmental department is engaging with the municipality and is appealing to port users for their cooperation as the City acts to repair the pumps.

In particular the suspension of diving will have an impact on companies using the repair quays within the port’s ship repair precinct.

The Port of Durban is unfortunately on the receiving end of the large volume of litter, effluent and sewage that is discharged via the storm-water reticulation system from a catchment area of over 200km2 in size.