In the wake of cyclone Idai, Grindrod South Africa, a subsidiary company of Grindrod Limited, will be releasing the MV Border, a 14,357-ton deadweight container vessel, presently deployed within its Southern African sea-freight business Ocean Africa Container Lines, to perform a relief voyage from Maputo to Beira.

The vessel is expected to arrive in Maputo during the early hours of Thursday, she will thereafter load the much-needed relief cargo that is presently being consolidated by local authorities and humanitarian aid organizations and sail to Beira.

The schedule for the relief voyage is as follows:

ETA Maputo Thursday 21st March 2019

ETD Maputo Friday 22nd March 2019

ETA Beria Saturday 23rd March 2019

The vessel will thereafter sail to Durban to resume its normal service.

“Our thoughts are with the people of Mozambique. We pray for their safety and hope that you all come through this without any harm,” said Andrew Waller, CEO Grindrod Limited.