Due to adverse weather conditions, marine movements at the Port of Richards Bay were suspended on Sunday, 3 June 2018 at approximately 18h00 when swells reached four metres and wind gusts up to 30 knots.  This resulted in some sailings not being carried out.  

At the Port of Durban shipping movements continued and the port remained open. Only waterside terminal operations at the Durban Container Terminal: Pier 2 were suspended at 21h30 on Sunday due to strong winds but had resumed by 01h00 on Monday.

Nompumelelo Mkhize, Deputy Harbour Master at the Port of Richards Bay, said: “Whilst Port Management acknowledges that efficiency is of utmost importance, the safety of our port users remains top priority.”

Monitoring and assessment will continue at the Port of Richards Bay.  Should the weather improve, operations will recommence.

TNPA’s port authority operations, including marine services, can be affected during heavy winds and swells which can prevent the safe movement of vessels in and out of the port, depending on the vessel category. It is standard procedure for Port Control to closely monitor weather conditions and to advise the affected stakeholders when it is regarded unsafe to move vessels.