SA Shipping News received a remarkably rapid response from Transnet within moments of being supposedly suspended from BLSA after the CEO, Bonang Mohale said in a statement: “South Africans have been rightly disturbed in recent times at the numerous allegations of corrupt behaviour and colossal failures of corporate governance and accountability at both Eskom and Transnet.”

“Transnet has noted Business Leadership South Africa’s (BLSA’s) statement claiming that it had suspended Transnet’s membership.

This is inaccurate and misleading.

BLSA approached Transnet early this year, requesting it to consider renewing its membership for 2017. Transnet elected not to renew the membership due to cost-cutting measures. This was communicated to BLSA on 09 August 2017.

The company subsequently received a meeting request from BLSA CEO Mr Bonang Mohale to discuss the cancellation. The meeting has not taken place due to diary clashes.

While Transnet appreciates the role played by BLSA in South Africa, it is unfortunate that Mr Mohale opted to mislead the public in such a spectacular manner.

Transnet is aware of reports casting doubt on the integrity of its procurement processes. The company views these in a serious light and is currently conducting its own investigation on all allegations made.

Should any actionable facts arise, necessary steps will be taken.”


Now when all is said and done make of it what you will, SA Shipping News (SASN) has put forward the Transnet response in order to show willing and to open dialogue. The media does not receive the same courtesy from Transnet, TNPA, TPT etc, with meetings arranged, then said meetings cancelled – ad infinitum, phone calls ignored and messages not returned. SASN has an article that has been put on hold for a month already due to non-response and disregard by the powers that be in Transnet. Communication and transparency could be a really good way forward – just saying.